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Steve and Linda Hiebert


34th Annual Stafford Oktoberfest Parade Marshals

Steve and Linda Hiebert

Linda is a graduate of Stafford High School, class of 1969. After graduating Linda moved to Wichita to attend college. Upon moving to Wichita, Linda was told NEVER to date anyone from Southeast High. While working at Colonial Fountain & Grill (owned by Steffens Dairy), she fell for the short order cook known for throwing spatulas if the orders were not legible. That cook just happened to be Steve, a 1969 graduate of Southeast High. Steve is the oldest of 10 kids. Linda is the youngest in her family. Her brother and sister were older, so many times she was like an only child. The first-time meeting Steve’s large family she was wondering what she had gotten into.  A couple of years later they were married. Before having their kids, Lacie and Kyle, they traveled to several MLB stadiums across the country to watch baseball. They both have a passion for live sports and music, and dancing to live bands. Linda, along with Denise McNickle Bullock, sings backup in the Chesterfield Bridge band and also volunteers as an accompanist for school music programs. At school she’s known as “Miss Linda.”

Life was great in Wichita. Linda was nicknamed “Small Town” in their friend circle because of her love of sharing Stafford. Stafford was always home to her. They still found time to visit Stafford any time they possibly could. Linda’s mother taught their kids how to drive at the fairgrounds when they would visit her. The Hiebert’s made it a point to make sure that their kids were able to experience the small-town life along with growing up in the city. Since Oktoberfest started in 1990, Steve and Linda have only missed one year because of a wedding. Linda said, “I become 16 again during Oktoberfest.” It is the biggest alumni-community party. Steve said Oktoberfest is an excuse for people to come together and put our differences aside.

In 2006 Steve and Linda decided it was time to move back to Stafford. They purchased a home and started moving on Oktoberfest weekend. Since moving back to Stafford, Linda and Steve have been very active in everything Stafford has to offer. Most people know Steve and Linda as the house that has the biggest fireworks display on the 4th of July, or as Stafford Trojans biggest fans.

They love giving back to the community. Lacie told Linda that she and Kyle never have to worry about their parents being inactive. Steve is involved with the Food Bank, Senior Center, and the Stafford CORE program. In the past he was on the Land Bank board and was a golf cart Uber driver for the Bike Across Kansas (BAK) committee during the Stafford stop. Linda serves on the Stafford District Hospital Board, Nora E Larabee Gathering Committee, the ministerial alliance, and the SHS Alumni Board. They both volunteer at Leisure Homestead, leading worship and music for the residents, and also are active at First Baptist Church.  As if that didn’t keep them busy enough, you can always find them cheering on the Stafford Trojans.

Linda has always bled red and white (and now black) for the Trojans. This started when Linda was in high school. There was a strong rivalry between Stafford and St. John. St John students would visit Stafford and somehow prank a Trojan so Stafford would go to St. John and repay the prank. Word on the street is that at one time the fountain in the St. John square ran red because of the dye that was put in it. Linda would not confirm or deny this, just smiled!

If you googled Steve and Linda Hiebert, you might find an article that was published in the Salina Journal on April 24, 2020, title “Couple sneaks across county line for hand sanitizer.” In 2020 after not leaving town for months, they decided to make a trip to the Boot Hill Distillery and gather as much of the hand sanitizer they could fit in their car to bring back to the Stafford Hospital and Leisure Homestead. This crazy random act of kindness is one of the many examples that you will see the Hiebert’s doing for Stafford. They each have their own mantra about it. Steve’s is “building relationships,” and “stronger together” while Linda’s is “scatter kindness.” They both live these to the fullest. Steve recalled coming home from being the BAK uber to find a living room full of strangers watching the NBA finals. Linda had opened their house for several BAK participants to pile in to watch the final game.

Steve and Linda’s message for the Stafford Community is “There are so many things to be proud of. The positive aspect of Stafford bringing people together far outweighs any negative. Always look for ways we can be united and get-plugged-in.  To make something happen you must be involved.”

“Stafford Kansas, Our Home away from Home. The place that we were introduced to from day one. From being raised going to Oktoberfest every year.  To enjoying Elroy’s pizza on a Friday night any chance we get. To blowing the sky up every 4th of July. Linda and Steve Hiebert, our parents, the parade marshals for Oktoberfest 2023. What an honor to two people that bleed red and black. Mom and Dad, you have blessed Stafford with your grace and presence. There is no greater parade marshal than you two. Thanks for teaching us to love Stafford America.” -Lacie and Kyle

“If you know Steve and/or Linda, you know that Christ comes first in their life. Family, especially their four precious GRANDchildren, is next with Trojan Nation coming in a close third. They can be seen (and heard) at many school events, cheering on their Trojans. Everyone in Stafford feels like they are their friends because they never meet a stranger. Even after all that they still find time to be community volunteers. Between them, they help out at the city library, CORE, church, Leisure Homestead, the food bank, the senior center, and alumni events, just to name a few. Steve didn’t grow up here, but you would never know it. This pair is all about Stafford and the Trojans. They are two truly beautiful souls! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!”-Bob and Debbie Minks

“Miss Linda has always been in my life. She’s been my number 1 fan and always wears a smile. Miss Linda will always be in my heart.”-Brody Kerschenske, SHS Senior Class of 2024

“Linda and Steve are a reflection of all that is good in Stafford! From their Trojan Spirit to their involvement in the community. Their gifts of music and prayers. Their faith in the past and hope for the future is contagious! Congratulations Hiebert and Hiebert! Proud to call you friends!”-David and Shelly Berens

“What do you say about Linda and Steve? They are the greatest friends, the best listeners, and their advice is genuine. They are a true example of servants. They spend their time helping others and wherever help is needed. Their loyal support for Trojan Nation is always appreciated.”-Nick and Katie Minks

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